How to Remove Computer Virus Using Command Prompt (CMD)

hello guys today i will show you how to How to Remove Computer Virus Using Command Prompt (CMD) by following this simple tutorial below

Every file and folder have following attributes

1). Achieve A
2). Read Only R
3). Hidden L
4). System S
-(minus) sign before an attribute it means removing attributes and +(plus) sign mean giving attributes to the file or folder.
example ) attrib -r -a -s -h file. txt this will remove all attributes from file. txt and attrib +r +a +s +h file. txt gives all attributes to file. txt.

If pen drive or other hard drive is infected by virus, Command prompt is the best option.Follow to the steps given below.

1). Go to  the command prompt by start> all programs> accessories> command prompt or press windows key+r and enter in cmd.

2). Go to the drive where you want them to erase virus example write m: to go to G drive.

3). Type "attrib -r -s -h 3.. * /s /d" without quotations and press get into.

4)press dir /a.

5). Delete all the. inf,. exe,. dll,. log file format file if they are not your files by using dos del order.

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del autorun. inf
if any file is not deleting rename that file by rename control
Example: rename dst. exe ms. bak this will rename dst. exe to ms. bak

Now The pen drive is disease free.
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